You will probably get fired on your first, second, third, and fourth days. But the person who does that particular brand of firing has no authority to do so. So don’t worry about it.

We work in a frenetically-paced environment. Everyone does a million things and works their damndest at being really great at as many things as possible.

We take our work seriously. We take each other seriously. We try our best not to take ourselves too seriously.


We’re not always hiring, but we’re always interested in talking. From video interns to freelance contributing writers, we’re always looking to bring new voices and talents to the table.

We’re a tight-knit group. We’re lovable, affable, and above all else, approachable. How? Well, walls don’t make neighbors, so we’ve strayed far away from the claustrophobic chaos of cubicles.

Because we’ve already got taps on free coffee, tea, beer, and wine, we keep an eye on free food like hawks, and we hold everyone accountable― especially when it comes to communicating the presence of that aforementioned free food.

We throw everything from balls of tinfoil and paper to dry erase markers and erasers at one another, but rarely in anger. We’re respectful of all religions and of (legal) stimulants. Coffee, tea, and energy drink drinkers all coexist in harmony. It really is a beautiful thing.

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